Who is Captain Zeppos?


Captain Zeppos is one of the best and most recognizable characters of the 1960s in Belgium and the Netherlands. Some may think about Amsterdam holidays or Amsterdam city trips today but generations before, all people think about is the next episode of Captain Zeppos. It must have been the same feeling as when we anticipate the next episode of our favorite television shows today. If our website visitors are not aware who Captain Zeppos is, here are some of his descriptions:

Senne Rouffaer as the main character

ZepposSenne Rouffaer portrayed the lead character of the television show. He is Captain Zeppos. He was a Flemish actor. For some of you who did not know this fact, he is also the director of the show. Senne being the director gave justice to the role. Being the director and the actor both at the same time gave him a challenge. His efforts did pay off as the show nike promo code free shipping no minimum took off with high ratings from the viewers. 

He was not originally the actor who will be Captain Zeppos. He was supposed to be the main villain of the show. But circumstances did not allow it to happen. The actor who was first chosen to be Captain Zeppos, Ward de Ravet, was not feeling well because he had an illness. The team was devastated when they found out that their main star fell ill. Senne Rouffaer, at first, didn’t want to take the role 18 jaar en zorgverzekering menzis, but he eventually gave in. He did everything he could to give justice to the character while directing the whole show. Since they had to shoot the scenes, Rouffaer had to be the main role. Ultimately, the nemesis of Captain Zeppos was portrayed by de Ravet himself.

Captain Zeppos

He arrived at the scene as a mysterious man on horseback. No one knew who he was and what his purpose of being there was for. But then one of the townsfolks approached him and became his friend. Captain Zeppos was a curious character. Though many would love him for his brains and wits, his character got weaknesses. According to traffic-masters.net coupon, it was the imperfection of his character that made viewers love him more simply because they can identify with him as a human being. He was Ben Kurrel. And both of them formed a great bond of friendship throughout the story. Captain Zeppos traveled in Greece, Arabia, Turkey, and Crete. And he was widely known as Captain Zeppos because he had a boat, which made them call him captain, and the people in Greece cannot pronounce his real name Stephorst. He sort of used the name to have cover-up his identity.

An heir to the real estate

He went back to his homeland Belgium to claim his heir. It is the Belderbos estate along with the huge castle that was on it. And he did get his real estate. But things began to be complicated as another character wants to buy the whole estate. The show did unveil how greedy people would do anything to take advantage and prey the weak. Captain Zeppos was a liberated young man with an impressive educational background with mobile traffic digital marketing. The simple feud over land began a war between the good and the bad. This made Captain Zeppos do some research of his own regarding the land. True enough, he found out that it has an underground oil reserve.